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I <3 my small group

When we arrived at SOM, we were assigned groups of 4 with whom we would complete many of our core assignments. I think it's telling that we call those groups of 4 "small groups" rather than "study groups," as they do at many other business schools. At SOM, they become much more like family than a reading group. This time last year, I encouraged my small group mate, Joseph, to perform in Star Search, the annual talent show to raise money for the Internship Fund. He'd gotten a ukulele for Christmas, and had just begun to play. Courageously, he took the stage--solo!--to sing and play Abba's Mamma Mia, with all of SOM singing along. This year, Joseph rocked out for the Intership Fund again, and I was ready to prove myself his biggest fan. More than a study group indeed!