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Campus visits and cupcakes

Now that the school year has hit its stride, the on-campus admissions program is starting to gear up. Yesterday marked the beginning of the annual admissions office campus visit program. Through the program, visitors to campus can take a tour, sit in on a class, have lunch with students, and meet with a member of the admissions staff -- as well as visit the larger Yale campus, if they wish. We had a full complement of visitors yesterday, which was a nice way to kick off the program for the year. We look forward to welcoming many more people to campus in the coming weeks and months! On a pseudo-related note, last month marked the arrival of the cupcake truck to the SOM campus. For those who are unfamiliar with SOM, we have a number of food trucks and carts that park next to campus during lunchtime. They range from Thai to Indian to Tex-Mex to sushi and beyond. They serve great food at a cheap price and are very popular with students, faculty, and staff. Well, last month a new truck arrived, selling exclusively home-made cupcakes in a choice of flavors, frostings and toppings that are made-to-order. It is the first dessert truck to enter the food cart crowd, and so far it is wildly popular (and quite good). They even have a website (albeit still under construction), and a blog that lists their location and offerings each day. Anyone visiting campus might want to make sure to bring $2 for a post-lunch cupcake!