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Being a Student in an Economic Downturn

We have returned to school. Still-tanned faces grimace under hats in the snow (then freezing rain). I returned to my credit card bill from the holidays and Argentina, and had a near panic attack when I reconciled it against my income-less bank account.This is paired with my stock portfolio which--while already embarrassing in its selection--in a bear market makes liquidation fairly useless.So I have resolved to be hyper economical. Here is my list:1. Blog twice in January, which rewards me a $5 gift card good at Food For Thought. Done.2. Return adorable throw pillows from Target, that tied the room together so perfectly. Nobody noticed or cared.3. Bring Diet Pepsi to school with me instead of $1.50 vending machine. Keep it chilled by carrying it in the beer cozie from 5 year college reunion (H on one side, '01 on the other. style!)4. Cheap dates. Tonight: Pierre Reach performs Bach's Goldberg Variations, part of the Yale School of Music concert series. Student ticket, $5.5. Cooking night with my lady friends, every two weeks. Pasta at home sounds perfect.6. Talk to my parents and friends and realize that it's not so grim. Inhale. Exhale.