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Two EMBA students talking at a table near a window

A Transformative Journey: Two Perspectives on Yale’s EMBA Program

As they prepare to graduate, two EMBA students reflect on their experience at Yale SOM. 

Oge Ezimakor ’24, MD    
Focus Area: Healthcare

Words are not enough to describe my executive MBA experience at Yale SOM. As an aspiring physician entrepreneur and executive, I knew that I needed to learn more about managing the administrative and operational affairs of a healthcare system, while also sharpening my leadership skills.

My passion has always been to bring quality healthcare services to underserved populations. However, one big question has long bedeviled me: as a bootstrapping physician entrepreneur, how do I achieve this in a cost-effective manner without compromising quality of care? Becoming a successful physician executive requires continually developing hard and soft skills in order to adapt to an ever-changing healthcare environment. As a physician executive, I needed an EMBA program that would enhance my leadership skills. Needless to say, the Yale EMBA program has proven to be the perfect fit!

The EMBA program is structured to include three focus areas: healthcare, asset management, and sustainability. By focusing on healthcare for the past two years, I have undergone remarkable growth and transformation. I feel like a reborn individual, so much that it is difficult for me to reconcile my before and after selves. The relationships and bonds I have formed are phenomenal! Yale SOM educates leaders for business and society, and this is exactly how I view myself and my cohort—leaders for business and society, literally!

I want to give huge recognition and thanks to Yale SOM’s seasoned professors and administrative staff that supported us along the journey. Their dedication and commitment to the success of the program and its students is unparalleled.

Abraham Gutsioglou ’24, PhD    
Focus Area: Asset Management

As I reflect on my EMBA journey, three categories come to mind: personal growth, relationships, and interdisciplinary thinking.

Let’s begin with personal growth. Day one of what felt like “hell week” during our first year was a humbling and equalizing experience. It had been many years since I was in a classroom setting as a student, and I was optimistic that my skills would carry me forward. The first evening at Yale SOM was very difficult, as I quickly realized that I was surrounded by brilliant people who were at the top of their fields. My optimism quickly morphed into doubt and thoughts of, “What did I just get myself into?” I felt alone, and was preparing myself for what I thought would be two years of grueling competition with my classmates.

This leads me to the link between my personal growth and the relationships I built along the way. Although I prepared myself to compete, I am happy to say that I never had to go down that path, because this program does not foster that kind of culture. As a cohort, we encouraged, challenged, and supported one another. I am not saying the program and classmates are soft; rather, when things got difficult, I could easily find someone to help get my mindset back on track. This feeling of support extends beyond my classmates into the faculty and staff. The relationships and friendships I made on this journey pushed me to grow way beyond any self-doubt and step out of my comfort zone.

Finally, let’s talk about business and society. The best phrase to describe what I consider to be one of the most valuable takeaways from this program is "interdisciplinary thinking.” The program is structured in such a way that in order to finish, students have to unlock the capability to think differently about themselves and the world around them. I am grateful to have learned how to see problems as puzzles that can be solved through interdisciplinary thinking. This new insight allows me to integrate the perspectives of multiple stakeholders and disciplines to create shared value for business and society at large.