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Meet the New Associate Director of Admissions

Michael R. Myers, whose focus is on inclusion and diversity recruitment, reflects on his commitment to improving access to higher education for underrepresented students of color—and what led him to Yale SOM.

Michael R. Myers

As with most who find themselves in the admissions profession, my journey to Yale is not a linear one. I can best describe the journey as one in which my passions, purpose, and priorities have intersected and led me here.

Growing up minutes away from Yale and across the street from a neighboring institution, deciding to pursue higher education was a given. However, how I would go on to attain my education was another story, because the odds were not in my favor as a multiracial, first-generation college student. As I sat as an undergrad in front of the arched stained-glass Tiffany windows displayed in the Buley Library at Southern Connecticut State University, I can literally recall when it hit me: I realized that a deep commitment to perseverance was the key to attaining my goals. That moment forged a six-year-long path that eventually led me to complete a graduate degree.

Michael R. Myers browsing books

Although my story is unique to me, I have learned that the outlines are common. Realizing this has become a driving passion for developing an interpersonal approach to enrollment practices in hopes of mitigating some of the early barriers of the collegiate experience. My lived experience of being an underrepresented person in higher education informs my purpose of serving this population. Last, my priority of moving back home to the New Haven area to work with my passions and purpose at a quality institution makes my role in inclusion and diversity rich in more ways than one.

I’m excited to form meaningful relationships with the students and greater community of the Yale School of Management. I truly believe in the impact that graduating from a school and a program like ours can have, not only on your careers and life trajectory, but also for those who aspire to be where we are. I’m looking forward to learning the triumphant stories of what got you here and relaying them intentionally to prospective students. Let’s grab coffee and connect!

Michael R. Myers

Michael R. Myers
Associate Director of Admissions