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Students Share Insights from Innovation Internships

By: Karen Guzman September 25, 2014

The student-led Design and Innovation Club helps students explore career options with a focus on innovation. Last summer, some students in the club landed internships at established design and innovation consultancies—including SYPartners and Continuum—while others applied systematic “design thinking” principles within other industries. In a panel sponsored by the D&I Club on September 17, students shared what they learned.

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Professional Life at SOM

By: Disha Patel November 22, 2013

“Dream enormously big. You can literally accomplish anything.” said Liz. At the women’s event in New York, Mckinsey and Company’s New York Office Director Liz Hilton Siegel urged us to give ourselves the time and space, while in business school, to imagine our impact on the world. It was an inspiring end to an afternoon filled with incredibly insightful conversations and great learning experiences. Her talk was part of a half-day women’s event hosted by Mckinsey and Co. New York office last week for business schools in and around NYC.

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Confessions of a Crimson-Turned-Bulldog

By: Ada Wan July 22, 2013

Today marks two months since I left New Haven for what my friend jokingly refers to as “the best coast,” and I have to admit that I’ve never felt more at home than I have here. Only eight weeks in, I have already developed a host of routines and traditions: my favorite running trail in Golden Gate Park, a new spiritual home and my go-to spot for a celebratory, end-of-week Friday night dinner, where you will always find me at 7 o’clock picking up soya tofu and udon noodles for takeout...

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