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headshot of Stef Pria

Stef Pria ’22

MBA for Executives


Vice President, MSCI; ESG/Sustainability Consultant

One key element that has helped during the COVID-19 era is our cohort. I’m incredibly lucky to be part of a class that, despite this unique circumstance, has motivated me to learn. We’ve held many virtual events, as well as chat groups created to inspire one another. Beyond our classes or work, we discuss topics that are shaping the world we live in today and visions of what can be, all while sharing our different points of view. The community we’ve built as a class has served as an outlet to dream and discuss ways to seek a better world. It’s helped me focus on the big picture and visualize the things we can do as leaders to prompt change.

Leadership development courses have shown me what I need to focus on in order to become more effective as part of a team and individually. I’ve realized that my leadership style has two contrasting dimensions. In a team setting, I tend to be “professorial,” given my inclination to teach and collaborate. But my hyperactive edge comes out when specific deadlines loom, and I tend to take the lead. Being aware of these natural tendencies is critical. I aspire to be a leader who is moved every day to touch people’s lives and work toward having a positive impact in business and in the community. I want my values, work ethic, and passion reflected in everything I do.

The MBA for Executives program is for someone who wants to be part of a community that’s striving to have a positive impact. It’s for someone who’s seeking the best version of themself as a professional, as a leader, and as a manager. At Yale SOM, you put your heart and soul into learning from the faculty, and from your cohort, and you, in turn, inspire others to think and act in ways that will create a better and more inclusive world.