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Robert Lucas

Robert Lucas ’23

MBA for Executives

Asset Management

Financial Officer, Treasury, World Bank

As part of the advisory and asset management team at the World Bank Treasury, my work covers finance, economics, and international development. My entire career has been in the public sector, and my background is in public policy and politics. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries are increasingly demanding more accountability from their multilateral, global institutions. I knew a foundation in business would help me navigate this change. The EMBA program has already given me a broader understanding of the asset management industry and helped my team’s mission to improve public asset management worldwide.

Robert Lucas and two friends in Halloween costumes
Robert Lucas in front of Evans Hall during the autumn
group of students around a table
From left: Celebrating Halloween with fellow EMBA students, enjoying autumn in New Haven, and meeting for the first time with my first-year learning team

So many courses at Yale SOM have been impactful. Managing Groups & Teams and Workforce covered the importance of job crafting and staff engagement. Investor laid a foundation for future finance courses, while Entrepreneurial Finance and Investing in Alternative Assets expanded my understanding of finance. Outside the classroom, Yale’s other resources are immense. During my first year, I was the first EMBA student named a fellow in the Kerry Initiative. I’ve also worked on an independent study examining asset management in federal campaigns, exploring potential reforms to improve investment disclosure. This year, I encouraged Yale to rethink its use of the Eli Whitney name and advocated for renaming Whitney Avenue, working with local media and New Haven leaders.

Robert Lucas with friends at a formal event
Robert Lucas at the Yale Club in New York City
Robert Lucas in the Harkness Tower using the carilonn
From left: With friends at a formal event, at the Yale Club in New York City, and trying my hand at the carillon in Harkness Tower

As a leader, I aspire to “strive toward excellence” and demonstrate “collective leadership”—the core principles, respectively, of my former bosses and World Bank treasurers, Arunma Oteh and Jingdong Hua. I’m inspired by achievements made through coalition building. Lasting change, whether in an industry or political cause, requires persistence in managing stakeholders, developing buy-in, and channeling cooperation into action. Yale SOM’s mission to educate leaders for both business and society has been the perfect framework.