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Meshach Cleary

Meshach Cleary ’22

MBA for Executives


Global Director, Material Management and SIOP, SPX Flow

I’ve spent most of my career in the industrial manufacturing sector. I’ve developed expertise in manufacturing and supply chain, but the Executive MBA program is giving me the opportunity to learn about commercial strategies—sales, marketing, and product management—as well as mergers and acquisitions. This program is really for people who’ve achieved a certain expertise in their professions and are looking for a springboard into upper leadership, or into new industries or functions. I’ve already been able to apply tools and concepts from both our Probability Modeling and Statistics course and our Modeling Managerial Decisions course in solving day-to-day problems in inventory strategy and demand planning.

I aspire to be a leader who makes an impact on others both personally and professionally. I’ve learned that leaders who focus on people first tend to win in the long run. The leadership style analysis we completed as part of our “Decision Making For Leaders” survey in class was extremely useful. The data showed that effective decision-making is one of my overall strengths, and it highlighted techniques to improve and tool to help me evaluate decisions in a more efficient manner.

Over the years, my approach to work/life balance has evolved to be more of a work and life integration. With two preschool age children, a global business team, and an MBA program, I don’t try to draw dark lines of separation anymore. Instead, I consider all the tasks I’ve got to complete in relative importance to my overall goals and commitments. It helps me prioritize. I’ve also learned to be more effective at delegating and coaching. I either complete a task myself or delegate it as soon as possible.

Interviewed on October 19, 2020