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Leon Dong with Yale mascot Handsome Dan

Leon Dong ’21

MBA for Executives

Asset Management

Vice President, Prime Brokerage, J.P. Morgan

Technology has ingrained itself into finance more than ever before. As someone with a quantitatively geared background, I’m interested in ways we can bring greater transparency, efficiency, and education to the forefront of our processes. In my industry specifically, we are already seeing the need for this in the form of blockchain applications, algorithmic retirement investing, and quantitative trading.

I applied to Yale SOM because I was at an inflection point in my career, where an MBA would really help me step it up a notch by tying together my knowledge and industry skills with the softer aspects of holistic thinking and impactful decision making.

I’ve learned a great deal from all of my courses, but the ones that dig into the psychology behind decision making have resonated the most with me, in terms of immediate impact. Game Theory, Modeling Managerial Decisions, Customer, and Workforce come to mind.

I’ve been able to glean insights into why aligned incentives are difficult to structure, what makes decision making so difficult, and why thinking ahead—in anticipation of competitor actions—is so powerful.

The integrated curriculum really does a great job of revisiting concepts in different ways and from different angles throughout our coursework. Sometimes being entrenched in a particular field narrows frames of reference. Opening up the mind to varied perspectives illuminates thoughts and ideas that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

The EMBA program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn with and from the best, to be among a community of leaders with diverse experiences, and to create a network of connections that lasts forever.

Life is a non-linear path, and all of its unique experiences interact under the surface in mysterious ways one cannot even begin to conceptualize. This program is one of those experiences. As a steward of business and society, I take back to my industry new concepts to apply on the job, an enhanced way of thinking, and invigorated motivation to tackle new challenges.

Interviewed on February 06, 2020