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Hans Weaver

Hans Weaver ’23

MBA for Executives


Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships, Earth Source

The agricultural industry is facing many challenges—climate change, labor shortages, and logistics delays, just to name a few. Without a well-planned, international food supply chain, the coming years and decades will bring periods of food shortages and instability. At Yale SOM, I’m learning how to proactively address these issues from experts at the forefront of climate change and sustainability research.

The course that I’ve found most impactful so far is Managing Groups and Teams. I’ve learned how to better motivate and empower others and how to create a positive work environment. The Workforce has also provided lessons with immediate impact. I’ve worked with my team to reimagine their job descriptions, and I’ve provided a structure geared toward each individual’s strength. I’m also working to de-stigmatize the annual review process by making sure each member of the team is receiving constant and helpful feedback.

The Executive MBA program is for any professional who’s looking to refine their skill set and become a more impactful leader. Yale SOM is a place for leaders who want to have a positive impact on the world, not just drive bottom-line results. I want to be a leader who challenges the status quo while also motivating those around me, a leader who is grounded and self-aware. One of my mentors uses the phrase “humble, yet confident” to describe how leaders should manage their teams, and I couldn’t agree more.