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Dara King

Dara King ’24

MBA for Executives


OBGYN Hospitalist for Pediatrix Medical Group at White Oak Medical Center

In order to truly make a difference in medicine and be effective in promoting health equity, I needed to gain some business skills and a broader perspective. An MBA was the missing piece of the puzzle!

All of my courses have been so impactful. Competitor reviewed microeconomics and game theory, in addition to introducing concepts like Porter’s Five Forces. Operations Engine taught workflows, utilization, and the cost of time. It also set the stage for the class that I’m currently taking, Healthcare Operations, which speaks directly to my goals.

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Being part of the Yale community is like being part of a family. We take care of each other. My personal challenge has always been networking—it’s not a skill that comes naturally to me, but the EMBA program has helped. When I said that I wanted to contact an alum I heard speak at a conference, one of my professors stepped in and gave me her contact information. I reached out, and she responded in less than 24 hours. That’s how willing Yale alumni are to connect, and they have global reach. I did my Global Network Week in Spain, where I was immediately welcomed by a student from Oxford who had previously spent time with some of my Yale SOM classmates when they were in the U.K. We’re still in touch, and my family plans to visit her in Nigeria.

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This program is for anyone who’s ready to elevate their career and who’s motivated to make a difference in business and in society. For me, it’s been life-changing. My goal is to become a well-rounded leader who positively impacts people’s lives and who effects change on the macro level. The education I’m receiving at Yale and the relationships I’m building are just invaluable.