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Crystal Zhang

Crystal Zhang ’23

MBA for Executives

Asset Management

Vice President and Private Banker, J.P. Morgan Private Bank

The wealth management field is constantly embracing new changes. In recent years, it’s been things like fintech, cryptocurrency, and ESG investing. Clients have easy access to so many more investment options. I came to Yale SOM to broaden my understanding of my role, my due diligence, and how to guide clients in these ever-changing markets. More than ever, it’s crucial to be a well-rounded professional today and to understand how the pace of social, and global change, is reshaping our industry.

Crystal Zhang at the Los Angeles Opera
Crystal Zhang
Crystal Zhang in front of artwork
Clockwise from left: At the Los Angeles Opera, in Evans Hall, and admiring a piece of art in Evans Hall

The integrated curriculum has taught me to think on a more holistic level about applying the tools I’ve learned in the classroom with multiple stakeholders in the real world. It’s shown me how to bring a combination of scientific-based research and intuition based on business experience to solving problems. For example, Professor Rudi’s probability course and Professor Jain’s Modeling Managerial Decisions course taught me how to utilize statistics to reach better outcomes and, ultimately, to make better decisions. This is the real gift of the integrated curriculum. It could take years on the job to otherwise learn this kind of comprehensive approach.

Crystal Zhang hiking in Malibu, California
Crystal Zhang in Kyoto, Japan
Crystal Zhang riding a horse
Clockwise from left: Hiking in Malibu, California; in Kyoto, Japan; and horseback riding in Temecula, California

This program is for people who have a vision for themselves and have a desire to improve society. You’ll be asking difficult questions and striving to solve the toughest problems. You’ll be surrounded by the best and finest minds. I want to be a leader who inspires others with my perspectives and encourages them to be courageous in sharing their voices so that together we can get things done.