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Mandy Krumnow

What I Learned in the Yale EMBA Program

Members of the graduating Class of 2018 on the lessons they learned, in and out of the classroom, during their two years at Yale SOM.

Brian Goodman ’18
Focus: Healthcare

Yale University is famous for its exceptional students and world-renowned faculty. When you join the Yale School of Management EMBA program you become part of this legacy. So I knew coming into the program that is was going to be a rigorous, engaging, and intellectually challenging experience. I felt the most important component of the Yale EMBA experience was that the MBA courses were broken up into small course units, giving me a chance to experience, learn from, network, and engage with dozens of Yale PhD professors teaching from within their fields of specialty. All the basic foundations of an MBA program are covered from different angles and topics that weaved together to form a well-connected landscape of business enterprise management, operations, finance, and strategy. Finally, I found it important that I was given exposure to and connected with the broader Yale University campus, history, and community during my time in the EMBA program, which is a unique experience at Yale.

Jarrod Pelletier ’18
Focus: Asset Management

The most important part of the EMBA experience for me—outside of the obvious academic and career advancements—has been the program’s structure, which allows for a personal connection with Yale and its students. I’m a father of two, run an asset management company and own a small local business (both in Boston), travel extensively for work, and have the demands of the EMBA program. Yes, it sounds daunting from the outside; however, the program structure, which fosters collaboration and ultimately personal connections and relationships with professors, administrators, and classmates creates a powerful driving force. This force for me has been the X factor allowing me to juggle all personal, professional, and academic demands in my life. One very simple example of this—which left a lasting memory for me—was during residence week, when the administration set aside a day for our families to come see us. This simple but thoughtful act allowed us not only to share our Yale experience with our families, but it was the first of many times that displayed Yale SOM’s deeper commitment to us. Not just as students, but as fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, professionals...and ultimately, as people.

Here is a picture of me and my son that day—I have used it as my computer background to keep me motivated.

Natalie Tucker ’18
Focus: Healthcare

Going through the EMBA program provided more laughs, learnings, and friends than I ever imagined. The most important part of the experience is difficult to wrap up into words, so I will try with just one—family. We lift each other up and help each other grow; I will forever be grateful to have my classmates in my life.

Jan Schepanek ’18
Focus: Asset Management

When I tell people that I come from Germany to class in New Haven every other weekend, they usually focus on my long travel. Compared to what I have learned about myself with the support of my classmates and faculty, the commute feels for me as the shortest distance that I travelled on this incredible journey at Yale. Over the past two years, the program helped me to learn more about who I am, including my hidden talents; challenged me to understand what is important to me in life; and identify what kind of leader I aspire to be for business and society. It was not one moment or class, but all of them collectively with my new friends, that made this a life-changing experience for me. I am very grateful for the opportunity and support of everyone at Yale, my friends, and family during this exciting period in my life.

Mandy Krumnow ’18
Focus: Healthcare

As I reflect on my time at Yale SOM, a few things are clear. First, SOM lives its mission of developing leaders for business and society. Second, the value of SOM extends far beyond the walls of the classroom; I have without a doubt grown as a leader and manager. My time at SOM has given me the confidence to know my value as a leader and has allowed me to see opportunity in my own imperfections. Additionally, it has equipped me with the tools and resources to turn the seemingly impossible into reality. These are the characteristics that can’t be taught in a lecture or learned by reading a textbook. They are only gained through the dedication of EMBA faculty, staff, and administrators met with the commitment of students to live the SOM mission.