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From the Assistant Dean for Admissions: Why a Round 3 Application Might Be Right for You

Bruce DelMonico explains the benefits of applying now and dispels a few myths about Round 3, the final opportunity to join the MBA Class of 2023.

This is a busy time in our application process. As I write this note, we’re in the middle of reviewing applications from Round 2, our largest round, and are preparing to release decisions by the end of this week. At the same time, we’re preparing for our Round 3 application deadline on April 13.

With the deadline approaching, I wanted to take a moment to separate Round 3 myths from facts and offer some guidance for candidates thinking about applying then.

One question I am often asked is whether it makes sense to apply in Round 3. The general wisdom is that it’s better to apply to business school in Rounds 1 and 2 than to take your chances in Round 3. My response is that even though Round 3 is our smallest round, we still do have spaces available in the class. The number can vary from year to year, but our model always allows us the room to admit some applicants in Round 3. And if you are hoping to begin your MBA studies this fall, the reality is that this is your last chance to apply for the year.

While you may view a Round 3 application as risky, I believe it should be viewed as an opportunity. If you’re successful, you will be able to begin your MBA in just a few months. And if you happen not to be admitted in Round 3, know that the admissions committee offers feedback on request, which is a rare chance to learn how to fine-tune your application for next year. There is no stigma or bias against reapplicants, so a Round 3 application this year, if unsuccessful, can be a good “dry run” for an application next season.

My advice for those applying in Round 3 is the same as it is for our other application rounds: in addition to reflecting on your career goals, recommenders, and essay, think through the reasons why this application round makes sense for you. There are many reasons why you may have waited to apply in Round 3: you may have wanted to gain some additional work experience, or perhaps you just got the test result you’ve been aspiring to.

Finally, you should know that we do accept applications from non-U.S. applicants in Round 3. Some other schools have a different policy, but we do not limit Round 3 to U.S. applicants.

Good luck to all of our Round 2 applicants! Those of you considering applying in Round 3 can learn more about Yale SOM by visiting our Application Guide or reading a recent blog post featuring application tips from AdCom members. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or attend an event to connect with our community.

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