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From the Assistant Dean for Admissions: To Our Round 2 and 3 Applicants

Bruce DelMonico provides an update for Round 2 applicants and offers advice for students still considering an application.

The admissions committee is currently hard at work reading our Round 2 applications (I’ve given insight into this process in a previous blog post), and, as you can imagine, this takes quite some time! While some students have already been invited to interview, we still have a large number of applications to review, so those invitations will continue to come out and can be extended at any point in the round.

For the majority of you still waiting to hear from us, I ask that you remain patient through this process. As you wait, it may be a good idea to read some advice from our students on our interview or contact our admissions ambassadors to become more familiar with the Yale SOM community. This way, if you’re asked to interview, you’ll feel all the more prepared.

Speaking of interviews, our admissions committee members will soon be traveling to various cities throughout the world to meet interviewees face-to-face. While we are traveling, we will be hosting evening events for prospective students in cities including San Francisco, Beijing, New Delhi, Tokyo, and many more.

In the middle of interviewing and making admissions decisions on our Round 2 applicants, we’re also turning our attention to a small, yet equally important set of students—our Round 3 applicants.

I often get asked if it makes sense to apply in Round 3. While it is consistently our smallest round, we do still receive very strong applicants who end up gaining admission and becoming strong contributors to our community.

My advice if you are considering submitting a Round 3 application is the same as I give to students who debate between a Round 1 or Round 2 submission: you should apply when you are most ready. If you feel you are prepared—and by prepared I mean, you’ve had time to reflect on your goals and intentions for business school, your test score is where you want it to be, and you are ready to begin your MBA just a few short months after you receive your decision—then a Round 3 submission might make sense for you.

With that being said, if you apply Round 3 and your decision is not favorable, no harm done. We encourage those students to refine their applications and reapply the next year.

Good luck to all of our Round 2 applicants, and for those of you considering applying in Round 3, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or attend an event near you to connect with an admissions officer.

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