Yale School of Management

Current Students Offer Interview Advice

Over the next few weeks, the Yale SOM admissions team will be inviting selected Round 1 applicants to interview. We asked student interviewers to share memories of their own admissions interview experiences and provide advice on preparing.

October 25, 2017

What helped you prepare for your interview?

“Reviewing my résumé and stories (e.g. why I want to go to business school, why now, why this school in particular), looking through the school’s website and reading recent news articles about the school’s program, and speaking to alumni and current students at my target schools.”
—Amy Saltzman ’18

Amy Saltzman ’18

“I studied up as much as I could about Yale SOM because I wanted to know what it was all about and what set it apart as a business school. The mission to educate leaders for business and society really resonated with me because I feel the ability to make a positive impact on the world around me is a big factor in how I chose career opportunities. With that in mind, I just had to explain why my goals fit in with SOM’s values. All I had to do is be myself, and I knew that would come across without me having to pretend to be someone else. Plus, my interview was on a really snowy day–which doesn’t happen every day in New England, but they’re not uncommon either–so by the time I safely arrived at Evans Hall, I knew I’d already gotten past the toughest challenge I was going to face that day.”
—Matt Koizim ’18

“I reached out to a current student that I had found on LinkedIn that worked in the same industry that I did. The new Admissions Ambassador page makes connecting even easier. I also tried to attend as many SOM events as I could that were held  in my city to get a sense of the school’s culture. These two initiatives helped me learn a lot more about the school than I could just from reading the SOM website.”
—Arjun Katragadda ’18

Arjun Katragadda ’18

What helped you during your interview?

“Remembering to breathe and stay calm and be myself! Remembering that I’d already made it far enough to be invited to interview, which means they like me. I also wore my ‘lucky’ necklace just as a tangible way to feel a bit more secure. Also, coffee.”
—Amy Saltzman ’18

“It was all about just being myself. I told my interviewer my story and my experiences and how I felt those aligned with SOM’s mission. I also had an idea of the things I wanted to accomplish in business school that I’d only get a chance to do if I went to Yale.”
—Matt Koizim ’18

“Everyone I met during the interview process was super nice and relaxed. This helped calm any anxieties I had about the format of the interview. It also helps to understand that the interview has an educational/informational element where you are given the opportunity to attend a class, speak to students, and tour the school to learn if you could see yourself spending two years here.”
—Arjun Katragadda ’18

Matt Koizim ’18

What did you learn during the interview?

“I learned more about the program and how its unique aspects (e.g. global focus, business and society core, strong relationship with other Yale schools) are evident throughout the student body and community.”
—Amy Saltzman ’18

“Throughout the interview day, I kept meeting people that made me feel welcome at Yale. By the time I left, my personal interactions with everybody, ranging from students to the dean himself, convinced me Yale was the place I wanted to get my MBA.”
—Matt Koizim ’18

“The interview gave me a chance to explore the broader Yale campus, and I promised myself that I would come back (if accepted) and try to take advantage of as many of these awesome opportunities as possible throughout the university.”
—Arjun Katragadda ’18

Looking for more information about interviews at Yale SOM? Director of Financial Aid Rebekah Melville discusses the process in this video: