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Friendsgiving Offers Opportunity for Students to Connect on a Deeper Level

For the first time this fall, Yale SOM held a Friendsgiving dinner series to celebrate Thanksgiving, bringing together students in several of the school’s degree programs for festive meals. 

 I had a lot of expectations for the Friendsgiving dinner, and it did not disappoint. It turned out to be a very enriching experience, particularly because it offered me, a foreign student, the opportunity to get to know the tradition better. It was also very emotional to experience a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for the first time with classmates. I observed the enthusiasm that everyone put into attending and sharing this moment of celebration outside of our daily activities. The whole undertaking reflected the value the SOM community places on sharing each others’ cultures.

The long tables arranged on the second floor of Evans Hall created a unique atmosphere with exceptional decoration. As soon as we sat down, the conversation began while we enjoyed a glass of traditional apple cider. It was also an opportunity to talk and learn more about classmates with whom we usually meet every day at school, but with whom, because of scheduling conflicts, it is often difficult to have long conversations. As the food arrived, we tried a bit of everything, without questioning too much what each dish was. I must admit that everything was delicious. Chef David Kuzma, the Yale Hospitality, and AASL teams deserve special mention here. Everything was spectacular. The menu included an amazing roast turkey with house gravy, cranberry relish, chestnut stuffing, and mashed potatoes, just to mention some of the delightful dishes. Of course, dessert was not absent: seasonal pies to finish.

It goes without saying that this was definitely one of the many experiences that I will remember forever from my experience as a graduate student at Yale. It was  an excellent event—a perfect time to come together and interact on a deeper level with fellow students.