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A friend comes to visit

My friend visited from New York this weekend and having a shared love of food, we planned for a weekend of gluttony and exploring New Haven’s food scene.

So, gluttony it is! We started off at Sab’s Place, a really quaint diner in East Rock. Sab’s Place is where you want to meet your friends on a lazy Saturday morning and catch up over a hearty plate of eggs and bacon. Everything is really affordable and best thing is Yale students get a 10% discount.

We moved onto Claire’s Corner Copia, a vegetarian restaurant/café downtown. Claire’s has a really great selection of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan foods which is good for friends with special dietary needs. I think the best thing about Claire’s is the atmosphere; It is a great place to chill with friends over a cup of organically-grown caramel-chocolate coffee and a slice of oh-so-rich chocolate raspberry cream cheese cake.

Dinner was at Miya’s Sushi, one of the only sustainable sushi restaurants around with an extensive vegetarian menu. Miya’s has the craziest (in a good way) menu I have ever seen. 60-pages-long including a $2.75 tilapia roll, Hot-Headed Cowgirl roll, Kiss the Smiling Pig roll and $500 kaiseki menu. You even get advice on how to French kiss and spot invasive species of fish. We ended the night on a sweet note. A tub of B&J half-baked and Haagen Daaz Strawberry ice cream each (Did I mention gluttonous?)

Lunch the day after was at Caseus, a restaurant focusing on cheese. We both love cheese and Caseus definitely did not disappoint. Everything we had was pretty much spot on, from the cheese board to the cheeseburger and onion gratin soup; It was all delicious. Caseus marked the end of the culinary binge as my friend boarded the train back for New York. I guess growing up in Singapore and going to college in New York has definitely spoiled me in terms of food. The first few meals in New Haven were admittedly less than exciting but that was before I became more proactive and ventured to try what the city has to offer. Now, I am excited to find more hidden gems and add them to my future gluttonous-weekends list.