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Fall Break: Third Captain's Log

Captain’s Log Star Date 10.19.12 (to some long decimal number)
On Tuesday I caught the train from London to Paris. The weather in Paris is beautiful, and as soon as I get settled in my apartment I am off to the races to see the beautiful sights. This city has a ton of shops and great restaurants; clearly I am going to be busy while I am here! I get to walk past historic places such as the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. Such great history in Paris in the 21st century! For lunch I had lamb chops at a wonderful little restaurant called Robert et Louise. Also at lunch I tried a new delicacy (which is a huge deal for me): escargot. I had never considered trying this dish before, but my friend told me that I should at least give it a shot. It was absolutely delicious, who would have thought! For dinner my palate was graced with delicious veal chops at Constant Café along with amazing wine and good company. One of the most fun things about traveling is meeting new people who come from all walks of life so that I can become more culturally sensitive and exposed. Yale SOM has really made me realize how big the world is, as I have the opportunity to work with and learn from people from all over the globe in my classes. Anyone who knows me knows that any get together I have generally looks like a United Nations meeting. I have to say, I am really enjoying my trip to the 21st century; the people here know how to have a great time! On Wednesday it is quite rainy so I relaxed most of the day and caught up on some work to ensure that I am not stressed out next week as I have a ton of school work to complete, a case competition in which to compete at Howard University School of Business in Washington D.C., and the following week I have organized a program for disadvantaged youth to be “Law Students for a Day” at the University of Chicago Law School (my alma mater) through my nonprofit organization Boys Speak Out, Inc. No rest for the weary. On Thursday it is nice weather out again, so I visited the Pompidou Museum and walked the 3rd and 4th district shopping scene out in Paris. In the evening I had dinner with another friend of mine from law school and it was really great catching up with him. Tomorrow is my last full day in Paris and then it is back to New Haven. This has really been a wonderful trip but I am looking forward to all of the amazing things that are coming up in New Haven over the next month or so.