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Application now live, take two

In my most recent post last week, I announced that the 2008-2009 SOM online application was now live. After the application went live, an unexpected server issue resulted in some people having difficulty accessing the application over the past few days. Our IT department has worked to address this issue, and I am pleased to say that the application is back to performing as expected. To anyone who encountered difficulty accessing the application these past few days, I want to offer my apologies. We pride ourselves here at SOM in providing an unparalleled application experience; any deviation from this standard -- especially at this time of the year -- is disappointing. We do not expect any further disruptions in service, but should you encounter any issues at any point in preparing your application, there is a technical support link in the application itself, or you can email us at We are happy to help in whatever way we can. In more upbeat news, we are pleased to welcome the Class of 2010 to campus. They are an incredibly impressive group of individuals, which you can learn more about on our website. From the very beginning of orientation, they have been challenged to stretch themselves and expand their thinking. In fact, within hours of their first day on campus, they participated in a new exercise, the Audubon Street Project, that provided a unique launching point for their SOM journey and helped them begin the process of transforming from a collection of individuals to members of the SOM, Yale, and New Haven communities. I look forward to following their progress throughout the year and will be sure to post updates as they occur.