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Dispatches from #GNW2014

This week, more than 300 students from throughout the Global Network for Advanced Management are participating in Global Network Week, attending weeklong modules at 10 schools. Matthew O’Rourke is blogging from the Asian Institute of Management’s module on ecotourism in the Philippines, which is being offered for the first time. His week will include classroom study as well as visits to ecotourism sites throughout the country. 

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Learn by Doing

October 20, 2014
Students visit the Philippines' Batangas province to explore coral reefs firsthand.

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Marketing Ecotourism

October 17, 2014
A Global Network Week classroom discussion becomes an idea incubator for Filipino tourism officials.

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What Makes a Successful Ecotourism Destination?

October 15, 2014
Former Philippine energy minister Vincent Perez talks ecotourism strategy with students at AIM.

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Student Profile: Mavy Acevedo Tizon

October 14, 2014
An IE Business School MBA candidate finds inspiration in AIM’s  Global Network Week module.

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A Community of Social Entrepreneurs

October 13, 2014
Students visiting the Asian Institute of Management for Global Network Week visit a "farm" growing a variety of social enterprises.

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