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Application Tips: Test Scores

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Kelsey Abbott
Director of Admissions, Operations and Enrollment

Hi, my name is Kelsey Abbott. I'm the Director of Admissions, Operations and Enrollment here at the Yale SOM.

Applicants put a lot of emphasis on test scores in the application process, but remember that they are just one piece of a larger picture. They give us some sense of your level of preparation for our curriculum, but we consider multiple components of your application when assessing your academic readiness.

We accept both the GMAT and the GRE, including the online versions of these exams. Our committee has no preference between the two tests, and we’re well versed in evaluating scores from each.

In most cases, we only need your self-reported scores to evaluate your application. We’ll ask you to send your official scores for final verification if you enroll at Yale SOM. So please enter each and every exam you’ve taken to date, and be very careful to enter the correct sub-scores and percentages.

While we’re happy to receive your official scores through GMAC, the only time you must send us your official scores prior to enrollment is if your scores are going to expire soon. Scores are valid for five years, so if your score will be more than five years old by the time you enroll at Yale SOM, you’ll need to send it before the expiration date. Be sure to plan ahead here, as we won’t be able to verify expired scores.

When scheduling your exam dates, keep the application deadline in mind. While we’ll do our best, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to review scores from exams taken after the application deadline for the round in which you’re applying. If you do end up retaking a test after the deadline, you can provide your updated test score through the application update form on your applicant portal. We do encourage you to do this as quickly as possible after you receive your new test score.