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It's over

By: Paul Ip May 5, 2008

I just realized this morning that things are about over. After turning in two papers today, I'll only have one paper, one exam, and one class left. Not only that, but thinking about groceries, I counted the days that I'll be in New Haven before graduation weekend: five.

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Spring Fling

By: Paul Ip April 29, 2008

Yep. That's me chillin' on the New Haven green like a bum. Three hours ago I was writing a paper, last two hours I've been enjoying some fantastic live music from Sean Kingston and The Roots. Temple Grill for dinner + drinks in half an hour. Good times. Some pics from the concert:

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Hello from Cairo

By: Paul Ip March 13, 2008

Hello there. Like many of the second years, I am enjoying my last spring break. I would have posted earlier, but I just figured how to post using my iPhone. For us second years, most of us had either papers, projects, or full semester classes, leaving us a full two weeks for travel....

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plans plans plans

By: Paul Ip March 2, 2008

I wake up this morning with an unsettled stomach from last night. (Happy Birthday, Patrick!) Yesterday was a great day and we got a lot of stuff done. I still have an 8-10 page paper to write that I haven't yet started, but we made a lot of progress in planning out things that need to be done...

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Second spring

By: Paul Ip February 15, 2008

My schedule has been a bit busy, and it looks like next week will be equally challenging. This is my reward for taking about two more courses than I need to be taking. Technically, I'm only in four courses (the minimum), but I'm also auditing a fifth and informally taking a sixth. You're...

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