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Sherry Li

Sherry Li ’22


Post-MBA position: Consultant, Strategy & Performance, The Chartis Group

In my previous job, I had a lot of exposure to C-suite leadership. I could see how their decision-making and negotiating style trickled down into how every employee approached their work, and I was really interested in understanding what it takes to be a good leader. Over the last year and a half, equity and inclusion has become an even more critical part of that for me. I’m focused how can we make sure people’s voices are included—and how we make sure people are getting into the room for that to happen.
We formed Business Students for Racial Equity during the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement in mid-2020 to create a hub for discussions about racial equity. One of my favorite events was a podcasting brainstorming session with the Black Business Alliance, a nonprofit organization in Connecticut that supports Black business owners.

My career has been in pharmaceutical consulting and healthcare insurance and I wanted to pivot into healthcare delivery. Being able to understand what happens at the point of care can be really important in terms of designing solutions that are better for the patient and more efficient—and in understanding how to reduce healthcare disparities for lower-income individuals and underrepresented minorities. Yale’s SOM close ties with the Yale School of Public Health foster a really great environment to pursue healthcare career opportunities. I’m friends with some of the MBA-MPH joint degree students and it’s been great how we’ve supported each other throughout the recruiting process.
I interned at the Chartis Group, which is a healthcare consulting firm. I worked with a nonprofit health system that was implementing a hospital-at-home program, which included having patients complete the last few days of their inpatient stay at home. We found it wouldn’t be financially profitable for the first five years. But it provides patients with better quality care and would lower costs of care over the long term. I worked on how to approach discussing this program with stakeholders in the hospital and how to make it scalable. It was a great learning experience.