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Noora AlSharhan ’19

Noora AlSharhan ’19

Master of Advanced Management

I worked at one of the top banks in the Middle East in Kuwait for about three and a half years and almost a year and a half at the International Monetary Fund prior to getting my MBA. So much of the work at the bank was manual, paper based, and labor intensive. I went to a workshop hosted by the Kuwait Institute for Science and Technology, which forced me to think about how to be more environmentally friendly, and also to find new ways financial services could incorporate technology. I thought of ways to effectively facilitate payments for customers in the retail industry, and that’s when I realized I wanted that to be part of my future venture. While I was at IE Business School, a business partner and I pitched our venture to a group of investors during an event at the school, where we were able to get feedback and validation that we were on the right path.

The Master of Advanced Management program has allowed me to learn the skills necessary to adapt to a rapidly changing fintech landscape. When I’m among my MAM classmates, I am able to see their different approaches to business through the lens of their cultures and understand how to see the world through their lens. I took the course Management of Software Development, where I gained technical skills that would support effective communication with coders and programmers, and how to manage those types of teams in an agile way. There is a variety in the MAM experience that allows me to pursue additional skills that fit the path I’ve decided to pursue.

Being in a Yale classroom is an enriching experience. You have the opportunity to be exposed to not only the latest knowledge from skillful professors, but also a chance to learn from the experiences of your classmates. I’ve had honest dialogues and debates on so many different topics that include different points of views.

I joined the Fintech Club and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet with guest speakers and participate in company visits in New York. In the class Leading Small and Medium Enterprises, we would analyze business cases—and had the opportunity to discuss in real-time with the business managers the success factors and failures made while running their ventures.

We have had access to all the tools and resources that we need to make our careers successful at every turn. This whole experience has opened my eyes: I can see how the school’s mission and the opportunities of merging business with society’s needs can be incorporated into my future career.