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Global Leadership: Topics in Business & Society

Thinking Beyond Boundaries

An integral part of the MAM program, this course fosters students’ ability to think more holistically about globalization, global trends, and the role of business in global society. The course begins with an introductory session, followed by two sessions dedicated to developing tools for approaching emerging problems in an interdisciplinary and creative manner. Topics in Business & Society convenes thought leaders from across Yale and leverages student team presentations to explore the ways leading businesses are addressing global risk factors by turning them into opportunities for value creation for both business and society.

How do you decarbonize the economy?

Preview image for the video "Big Issues: Douglas Kysar on Climate Change".

Professor Douglas Kysar of Yale Law School joined the class to discuss what it will mean to begin grappling with climate change in earnest.

What drives income inequality?

Preview image for the video "Big Issues: Jacob Hacker on Income Inequality".

Yale political scientist Jacob Hacker discussed the tax, policy, and political forces that have disproportionately benefited the richest Americans —and caused many to feel left behind.

What is the goal of global public health?

Preview image for the video "Big Issues: Elijah Paintsil on Global Health".

Yale physician Elijah Paintsil gives a thumbnail sketch of the history of public health and how it informs current efforts to establish a minimum global standard for healthcare.

What is water worth?

Preview image for the video "Big Issues: Julie Zimmerman on Water Scarcity".

Julie Zimmerman, a professor of green engineering at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Science, outlines some of the complex issues surrounding water scarcity and its connection to energy and climate.