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Global Leadership: Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness

Developing lifelong leaders

Leadership skills are developed across a lifetime. Increasing Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness focuses on self and interpersonal development, in addition to the management of groups and teams, with the goal of helping MAM students expand their understanding around leadership choices. This course stresses self-awareness, goal-setting, cross-cultural competencies, and people development.

Students at the art gallery
Art in Leadership Workshop—MAM Orientation 2015

As an MAM student, you will be a member of a 50 plus-person cohort composed of individuals from a range of countries and professional backgrounds. Starting with your first days on campus, you will be a welcomed member of a supportive learning community. Over the span of the year, you will have the opportunity to deepen and enrich your leadership capacity through an integrated curriculum including interactive workshops, peer-feedback sessions, and experiential learning opportunities. Learning outcomes include:

  • Become conscious of your personal values, vision, and choices that affect your performance, relationships, and commitments.
  • Embrace a different leadership mindset and behaviors that enable you to leverage your impact on people and organizations.
  • Acquire team and communication skills to ensure your ability to contribute to team performance, synergy, and success.
  • Enjoy the diversity of your cohort diversity and build a supportive learning community.
Global Leadership: Personal & Interpersonal Effectiveness is designed to be:
  • Personalized: Helps you identify and target your distinct leadership goals. 
  • Global: Leadership practices vary across cultures. A formulaic approach to leadership will fail those interested in working in varied regions or in highly global organizations.
  • Integrated: Advances in step with the MAM program, providing students with opportunities to continuously reflect on relevant leadership questions and practice new leadership behaviors in real time.