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Nicola Divan ’24

Master of Advanced Management

Post-MAM Position: Consultant, Boston Consulting Group

I was drawn to the MAM program because it resonates with my interest in community service and in promoting sustainable business practices. The focus on real-world problem-solving and leadership development has been particularly helpful. Courses are designed to challenge conventional thinking and encourage innovative solutions to complex issues. Case studies, live projects, and simulations give us a practical understanding of management principles and quantitative tools. This hands-on approach has really developed my strategic thinking and decision-making skills.

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One of the best features of the MAM program is the ability to get involved with schools and organizations across Yale. I’ve attended classes at Yale Law School and at Yale College, and I’ve served as a venture development coordinator at Tsai CITY. These experiences have expanded my network, introducing me to new ways of thinking and to aspiring entrepreneurs from across Yale. At the same time, being elected the MAM cohort student government representative at SOM has brought me closer to my classmates and taught me more about their diverse life stories and professional hurdles, which has helped me find ways to promote inclusion and support within our community.

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Serving as a teaching assistant has been an unexpected and incredibly enriching surprise.  I’ve been able to work closely with professors who are not only experts in their fields but also truly inspirational figures. I’ve assisted in courses like Rollups, Consolidation, and Programmatic Acquisition and Patterns in Entrepreneurship. They fueled my aspirations in the consulting sector and ignited my interest in entrepreneurship through acquisition.