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Matías Marambio

Matías Marambio ’22

Master of Advanced Management

Pre-MAM position: Corporate Head of Treasury, Automotores Gildemeister SpA

In my previous professional experience, I had the chance to work with teams from different countries and cultures, including the U.S., Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, and Costa Rica. I have a lot of international experience, but the MAM degree offered me something more. I’m gaining critical thinking and management strategy skills that are preparing me to make a lasting impact on both business and society.

The challenges we’re facing today require leaders who truly understand them and who have the tools to navigate this uncharted territory. Yale SOM’s curriculum is flexible and it introduces us to the evolving trends and practices impacting economics, finance, entrepreneurship, leadership, and business ethics. These are all parts of the puzzle in becoming global leaders.

two people on a rooftop with NYC skyline in background
four people in golf attire
team photo of group of people wearing soccer jerseys
Pictured, clockwise from left: In New York City with my wife, María José de la Fuente; at the Yale Golf Course with classmates; and the SOM United soccer team

Being an inclusive and diverse school is important here. The way that Yale SOM faculty and students embrace these values is impressive. We have an extraordinary sense of community. Our student clubs are one of the best ways to experience it. The SOM United Soccer Club, the Yale Grad Crew, and the Association of Hispanic and Latin American Students have all helped me meet new people and make connections that I know will last. For me, Yale SOM isn’t just about creating a network. It’s about creating lifelong bonds with global leaders and brilliant minds.

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