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headshot of Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Fadahunsi

Manny Fadahunsi ’21


Internship: Amazon

It’s important to me to inspire change in society and to leave a lasting legacy. One of the ways I want to do this is by becoming a transformational leader in business and society. I came to Yale SOM because the school’s mission perfectly aligns with my values. The mission isn’t just a mere tagline; it finds expression in the school’s activities, curriculum, and the student body that Yale SOM attracts.

I spent my summer at Amazon as a Pathways operations manager. I worked on a lot of cool projects that directly impact Amazon’s worldwide operations. A lot of the courses I took in the core curriculum, especially Operations Engine, Probability Modeling and Statistics, and Modeling Managerial Decisions, helped me to bring fresh ideas to the team and to turn data into action points for process improvements and strategic decision-making.

The core is effective because it helps you see things from multiple standpoints. As someone coming from the engineering world, I’m now able to think beyond numbers and equations, and to consider the people, systems, cultures, and behaviors that are critical to an organization but not captured by numbers and models. The core has also taught me to work more collaboratively in a team and to leverage the collective intelligence of a group.

Student clubs have added so much to my time at Yale. I joined a few clubs, some social/athletic and some professional. The SOM United Soccer Club was a great way to de-stress. It helped me not lose my marbles when school got really intense. On the other hand, professional clubs, such as Consulting, Energy, and Technology, gave me a platform to connect with likeminded individuals interested in the same industry, to share resources, and to prep efficiently during career recruitment.