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Malcolm Davis

Malcolm Davis ’23


Internship: Boston Consulting Group

Making the world a better place is important to me. I wanted to learn how to intertwine this value with the skills and experiences that would prepare me to be an impactful leader. Yale SOM’s mission, and the students and faculty it attracts, resonated with me from the start, because they align purpose with profit. Before applying, I participated in the Yale Emerging Leaders Seminar. I was captivated by the raw case method and struck by the mission of the school, which is educating leaders for business and society

student in a eucalyptus forest
group at the beach
group of people on the beach in Punta Cana making a Yale sign with their bodies
four people with Handsome Dan in the Evans Hall courtyard

I’m a member of the Design and Innovation Club, a Consortium fellow, and I’ll be a Black Business Alliance leader next year. These extracurriculars have enhanced my sense of community and belonging. They’ve also helped me adjust to New Haven and explore career interests. In addition to the clubs, I’ve taken a course at the Yale School of Art called Seminar in Design Strategy, where we created a brand strategy for an MFA alum’s Bahamas-focused art foundation. The experience deepened my knowledge of design thinking, while simultaneously letting me work on a project that will improve the lives of Bahamians.

I participated in the Uruguay International Experience over spring break. It was an amazing experience to see a new country from every angle. We traveled to a charter school, learned about the beef industry, planted trees, and witnessed a forest being harvested. We also stayed at a countryside ranch. This was my favorite experience. During the day my classmates and I went horseback riding and, at night, I watched the stars. A small group of us later joined Professor Lorenzo Caliendo by the campfire. We exchanged stories and learned about Professor Caliendo’s life story. The experience brought all of us closer and left an indelible mark on me.