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Kevin Duarte

Kevin Duarte ’20

Master of Advanced Management

I’m switching careers from architecture to finance, and the MAM program, as the perfect complement to my MBA, is helping me complete the business skill set I need. The curriculum is comprehensive and it’s strengthening my skills in finance and in strategy, while also deepening my leadership and interpersonal abilities. We’re continuously encouraged to think “big picture” and to focus on long-term business goals.

The curriculum is also very flexible: my classmates and I handpick the courses that best fit our personal and professional goals, and we’re free to take courses at other Yale schools. We have the freedom to build our own Yale experience.

I want my career trajectory to ultimately contribute to the success of my home country, Nicaragua. Three months into the MAM program, I’m certain that this has been one of the best decisions of my life.

A couple of things have really surprised me at Yale SOM. The first was Edward P. Evans Hall. As an architect, I’m continuously amazed at the structure and beautiful design details that were included in our home building. But it’s the integration of cutting-edge technology in classrooms that really sets the building apart and makes it an ideal setting for business school students.

The other thing that has struck me the most has been how the school’s mission is at the core of every single class, activity, and event that happens on campus. “Educating leaders for business and society” is something that resonates widely throughout the school, and it is something that inspires and connects us all.

Yale SOM classrooms are filled with incredibly talented and genuinely curious individuals. I’ve been part of stimulating conversations that have challenged me in so many ways. At the same time, the community is also incredibly helpful. Whether it’s with class assignments or recruiting, everyone is willing to lend a hand. While recruiting, I’ve sent cold emails to both second-year students and Yale alumni, and their responsiveness has been awe-inspiring. They take time from their busy schedules to share their experience and advice. It’s motivating to be part of a community that has such a sense of inclusiveness, openness, and collaboration. Every day I’m inspired to do the same for others.