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Ioana Solomon

Ioana Solomon ’25


Student Ambassador




New York, New York


United States (primary), Romania

Undergraduate Institution and Major

Dartmouth College, Economics major, French Studies minor

Pre-MBA Industry

Private Equity consulting, M&A / Corporate Strategy

Internship Organization

Closed Loop Partners (Ventures Group) 

Clubs and Affiliations

Private Equity & Venture Capital Club – Co-President; MIINT Impact Investing Competition – Co-Lead; Student Government – Green Cohort Representative; EuroSOM – Treasurer; Graduate Crew Team – Captain

What was your favorite memory from your first year?

I've had so many incredible experiences during my first year here that it feels almost impossible to choose just one. That said, I often think fondly of the few days I spent in Stratton, VT as part of an organized ski trip with fellow classmates. Despite a hectic week (note: I do not recommend driving late in the evening while it's snowing), I was so glad to have come. My roommates had stayed up to ensure I arrived safely and we quickly got to planning an exciting weekend together. I admittedly did not know how to ski (hoping to change that next year), but between activities like snow-tubing, snow-mobiling, nature walks, yoga, good meals, and snowball fights with friends, I was happily entertaining my inner child. This trip came at the perfect time - a few months in, having already started to plant some roots here and get to know a few of my classmates more intimately, but still having so much to look forward to. Between the fun activities, I was able to relax, reflect, and truly bond with people I hope to keep in my life for many, many years to come. Small moments like these, be it in Vermont on a ski trip, in East Rock Park on a long walk, or in someone's home playing Catan until dawn, are what make this experience so special, and why I continue to be in awe at the amazing people I've met so far in this journey. I couldn't be more excited for another year together.

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