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Ali Nourang Syed ’24

Ali Nourang Syed ’24


Internship: Summer Investment Banking Associate at JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Working in the public sector in Pakistan, I saw the way that finance often dictates outcomes, especially in the context of a developing country. I gained substantial experience in public finance, but I had only a basic understanding of the private sector. It constricted the scope of what I could contribute. I decided to transition to the private finance sector, and I saw an MBA as the perfect path. I chose Yale SOM because its holistic mission of educating leaders for business and society resonates with my experiences. It acknowledges that good leadership should encompass broad areas such as public welfare and social well-being.

Enjoying a gathering of the Blue Cohort
Celebrating with my cohort after a soccer match
At a Blue Cohort gathering (left) and with my cohort after a soccer match

I’ve had so many innovative learning opportunities—inside and outside the classroom. In the integrated core curriculum, I learned to shift between different stakeholder perspectives when making business decisions. This is a crucial skill for managers trying to build consensus. My elective courses then built on the core, sometimes in surprising ways. In Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition, we were asked to study a particular case about an entrepreneur making a business acquisition. My classmates fiercely debated the options and decisions made by this entrepreneur. At the end of class, Professor A.J. Wasserstein surprised us by introducing the very entrepreneur we had been discussing, who had been with us in class all along and had a lot to say.

Ali Nourang Syed ’24 hiking around the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica
Ali Nourang Syed ’24 stopping by Goose Dam during a stroll in East Rock Park
From left: Hiking around the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica and at the Goose Dam in East Rock Park

SOM students have access to numerous professional clubs where they can learn about internship and career paths. This was critical for me because I knew only broadly that I wanted to work in private sector finance. Through the clubs, I learned what was and was not suited to my goals, and I ultimately chose to pursue investment banking. The Finance Club was instrumental in guiding me throughout the rigorous recruiting process. I gained a network of peers and a support system that I plan to keep going forward.