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Ricardo Viteri Ramirez ’14 on How the MAM Prepared Him for Government Role in Ecuador

Ricardo Viteri Ramirez ’14, who serves as senior advisor to the Minister of Industry and Productivity of Ecuador,  was recently featured in a Vistazo magazine article discussing the country’s top leaders.

He said in an email that his experience as an MAM student allowed him to learn strategies for policy and to develop new ways to navigate between private industry and government.

“In my government role, the Yale global leadership model has been fundamental in helping me push forward policy and strategy initiatives to the highest levels of the administration,” Viteri said. “The Master of Advanced Management continues to be instrumental in opening doors in both the business and political arenas in Ecuador for me. The tools I acquired from classes such as Policy Modeling and Economic Strategies for Doing Business in the Developing World have helped me articulate debates at the intersection of the private, social, and public sectors.”