Master of Advanced Management

Join a group of emerging leaders from all corners of the globe for intensive study, exchange, and professional development.

The MAM is a one-year degree program at Yale School of Management for exceptional MBA graduates from Global Network for Advanced Management schools who aspire to become global leaders for business and society.

Community Profiles

Student Profile
Victor Padilla Taylor
Post-MAM Position: World Economic Forum
ā€œThe MAM is not just learning from a book or hearing from someone about an approach that happened years ago; itā€™s actually transforming what you do in your current setting.ā€
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Student Profile
Muriel Schwab
Post-MAM Position: Managing Director, Head of Commodity Trade Finance Americas, Rabobank
ā€œThe beauty of the MAM is that it allows you to have exposure to anything and anyone. You can test any water.ā€
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Student Profile
Cobus Kok
MBA: University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business; Post-MAM position:
ā€œThe MAM provides an incredible broadening of oneā€™s network and experiences.ā€
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