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But this isn't goodbye

In Chinese, we have a saying "天下无不散之宴席", which underscores how goodbyes are a constant in life. Ever since I bid my family adieu 4 years ago in Singapore to attend college in New York, I have weaved in and out of various social circles, addresses, cities and countries. Being everywhere was where I wanted to be and doing everything was what I wanted to do. I guess I was wrong. Two days ago, as I packed my dog-eared books into boxes, a thought flit into my mind. "I like it here. I don't want to leave." Like clockwork, my hands pat the books down and taped the box shut. I pushed the thought to the back of my mind, my arms flailing around as I attacked the next stack of books. But 12 boxes later, the thought never wavered. I was in denial; I am not that strong. And somehow, this goodbye is becoming unbearably hard. Maybe its people I've met (Blue cohort woot) or the very international class curriculum or it might even be the charm of New Haven. Hmm, its probably everything. And with this, I will end, leaving with only the fondest memories.

To my class of 2013: I will miss you all a lot more than I have the mettle to let on

To the new admits: The first year will be one of the most amazing years of your life. Cherish it.

To prospective students: You will never regret the decision to apply here   Last words? I will be back Yale, I will be back.