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Alumni Advisory Board

Welcome to the Yale SOM Alumni Advisory Board home page.

The Yale School of Management Alumni Advisory Board represents the over 11,000 Yale SOM alumni within the Yale SOM Alumni Network. The Board’s mission is to advance the values and mission of SOM, to collaborate with and counsel SOM leadership, and to engage with alumni, students, and greater Yale. 

We work throughout the year on issues of importance to Yale SOM’s alumni and have operated in various forms since the School first conferred degrees on students in 1978. Today, we work closely with the Dean and SOM leadership to articulate the diverse perspectives of alumni, and advocate for alumni needs. Through the efforts of our standing committees (Admissions, Career, Communications, Global Chapters, and Nominating), we promote both the School and the interests of our alumni. These committees collaborate with SOM staff and departments on shared priorities and foster communications among alumni, students, and the broader SOM community. The Board and its committees also promote SOM to potential applicants, employers, and key stakeholders.

If you’d like to reach us directly, please email

We’re always happy to engage with alumni who, like us, have a passion for the School and its Mission. If you’d like to learn more about the Alumni Advisory Board, or are interested in serving, please click here

Yale  SOM Alumni Advisory Board 


Matthew J. Broder ’81 B.A., ’87
VP, Communications
Financial Accounting Foundation


Tony Lynn ’14
Global Growth Manager


Jill Bauman '87
President & CEO
Imagine LA


Bosipo Sawyerr-Bassey '07 - Chair
Claudia Gourdon '78
Tony Lynn '14
Soji Maurice-Diya '10

Career Development
Stuart Tarmy '87 - Chair
Jill Bauman '87
Mandy Krumnow '18
Gilbert Santa Maria '91

Victor Padilla-Taylor '15 - Chair
Lee Race '93
Todd Jorgenson '20
Matt Broder '87

Global Chapters
Vivian Li '13 - Chair
Joseph Brandifino '18
Chetan Parekh '06
Meelendra Singh '20

Fay Chen '08 - Chair
Maya Sudhakaran '14
Matt Broder '87
Sojung Lee '13