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Yale School of Management's Women's Circles


Yale School of Management's Women's Circles: Empowering Change & Embracing Leadership

At Yale School of Management, our mission is to educate leaders for business & society. Our students and alumni care deeply about addressing global challenges. 

Women's Circles is a dynamic initiative that recognizes the importance of promoting a diverse, inclusive community that empowers women in both business and society. The program embodies our commitment to empowering women as leaders, innovators, and changemakers. Through a series of special events, workshops, and seminars, we aim to equip our alumni with the resources and networks to pursue ambitious change. 

Women's Circles is a hub of inspiration and collaboration. We provide a platform for alumni to explore critical topics, share experiences, and develop strategies to overcome challenges. Women's Circles welcomes all Yale School of Management alumni to engage in meaningful discussions that drive progress.

Women’s Circles NYC Symposium Series

Beginning this October Women’s Circles are in New York City. October 2023 through April 2024 we’re hosting six half-day sessions in New York City dedicated to nurturing women as leaders, innovators, and change-makers.  Each session is designed to educate attendees on recent research on the session’s topic in an in-depth and thought-provoking presentation from Becca Constantine ’19, our facilitator. Subsequently, attendees will break into hour-long group-based circles. In these circles, attendees will engage in meaningful discussions, delving into personal and professional narratives guided by empowering questions tied to the sessions topic. Finally, the group will come back together to conclude by sharing insights and takeaways. All Women’s Circles NYC Symposium sessions are free to attend for Yale SOM Alumni and will begin with a complimentary breakfast for attendees. Learn more about the six Women’s Circles NYC Symposium sessions below.


Join us for the inaugural session of our Women's Circles Symposium series. In this session, “The Stories We Tell,” we dive into the crucial topic of why women's leadership matters and the fundamental role of bias in our world.

Research Spotlight:

We explore research that highlights the importance of women's leadership in contemporary society. Discover how bias influences our perceptions, decisions, and actions, shaping the narrative of gender dynamics in various spheres. This session will provide a foundational understanding of the issues at hand and offer the first of many enlightening discussions to come in future sessions.

Women's Circles Reflection:

Our stories about ourselves and others play a pivotal role in shaping our understanding of the world. During this session, we encourage you to reflect on the narratives you've woven, both personally and professionally. What stories do you tell, and how have they influenced your journey? What stories would you rather tell instead? This introspective exploration sets the stage for transformative dialogues on gender, leadership, and bias.

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Join us as we kickstart our symposium series, laying the groundwork for meaningful discussions and positive change.

Join us for the second session of our Women's Circles NYC Symposium Series, "Authentic Leadership," exclusively tailored for Yale SOM alumni. Building on the foundation laid in our first session, this symposium delves deeper into the exploration of authentic leadership in our professional and personal roles.

Research Spotlight:

This session kicks off with an illuminating exploration of the many biases that subtly influence our personal and professional experiences. We will investigate how these seemingly small biases can have significant impacts on our interactions, opportunities, and life journeys. By gaining insights into these subtle biases, we empower ourselves to navigate and mitigate them as we endeavor to embrace authentic leadership.

Women’s Circles Reflection:

Authentic leadership is a powerful force for change. By embracing and nurturing authenticity in leadership, we not only empower ourselves but also create a ripple effect that fosters a culture of trust, transparency, and genuine connection. Together, we will explore what it means to be an authentic leader and the impact of authenticity on leadership effectiveness.

Join us as we explore the profound impact of authentic leadership and explore tools and insights to unleash your full authentic leadership potential.

Join us for the third session of our Women's Circles NYC Symposium series, where we explore the complex dynamics of working within organizations and how to address challenges often posed by gender bias.

Research Spotlight:

Participate in an engaging activity on team dynamics before diving into underlying dynamics of groups and teams that shape our work and our lives. Practice recognizing these dynamics and gain strategies to shift them across settings.

Women's Circles Reflection:

In this session, we’ll focus on practical strategies to navigate some of the most common challenges raised by gender bias. We’ll explore concrete strategies to counteract gender bias and empower women to thrive in professional and personal settings.

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Join us for Session 4 of the Yale SOM Women's Circles NYC Symposium Series, "Power & Influence,” on Saturday, February 24th as we explore how to make impactful decisions in hiring and stretch assignments. This symposium for Yale SOM alumni goes beyond the basics, offering a deep dive into the art of leveraging body language as a tool to underscore expertise and create space for others.

Research Spotlight:
Our research component explores the idea of who gets in the door by shedding light on the dynamics that influence access to opportunities. We’ll look specifically at body language research, and the substantial statistics regarding the immediate impressions people form of us. By examining the nuances of selection processes, this session aims to empower participants with a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms that impact professional opportunities and advancement.

Women's Circles Reflection:

The second part of our session will center on meaningful conversations within small groups of fellow alumni to gain deeper insights and enrich the collective learning experience. This dialogue invites participants to reflect on their own experiences with body language, considering instances where strategic adjustments could alter the dynamics of relationships and situations, and explore tools to navigate the complex terrain of authority and approachability in professional environments.

Join us for this Session 4 of the Women’s Circles NYC Symposium series, where theory meets practice, and strategic insights pave the way for mastering the art of power and influence in your professional journey.

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Please join us Saturday, March 23rd for Session 5, aptly named "Creating Impact." This session explores the influence of bias on self-evaluations and feedback exchanged in professional settings. “Creating Impact” concentrates on strategies for enhancing your impact and building mentoring relationships that foster personal growth and effectiveness.

Research Spotlight:
“Creating Impact” begins with a research spotlight, shedding light on the dynamics of bias in professional relationships, emphasizing its implications on career growth and success. From there, we better understand how biases shape our perceptions and interactions, and gain insights into strategies for mitigating their effects.

Women's Circles Reflection:
Living and working in close connection with others provides a unique opportunity for continuous learning and mutual support. In this session, we will reflect on the importance of building mentoring connections rooted in both similarity and difference, creating a common ground while embracing the richness of diversity.

Join us for this transformative session, where the synthesis of research insights, mentoring strategies, and reflective practices will empower you to navigate biases, strengthen your impact, and cultivate meaningful mentoring relationships.

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Looking back and looking forward: Session 6 of the Yale SOM Women's Circles NYC Symposium Series, "Changing Perspectives," serves as a powerful culmination of the knowledge gleaned from the preceding sessions. In this transformative closing session, participants are invited to reflect on the invaluable insights acquired throughout the symposium series and collaboratively chart a course forward to mitigate bias and advance women's leadership. Attendees do not need to have attended any previous sessions to join this final session. Join us on Saturday, April 20th as we discuss strategic approaches for driving impactful change on personal, organizational, and societal levels.

Women's Circles Reflection:
This session seeks to cultivate a heightened understanding of how biases impact daily interactions. By unpacking gender stereotypes and implementing concrete strategies, participants will be equipped to foster environments where everyone can excel and be recognized for their contributions. "Changing Perspectives" offers participants the opportunity to share about their own experiences and emboldens them to actively contribute to a more equitable future.

Join us for this impactful closing session, where reflection turns into action, and the collective wisdom of the Yale SOM Women's Circle NYC Symposium Series paves the way for transformative change.

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Becca Constantine, MBA ’19, facilitates the Yale SOM Women’s Circles program. Becca brings over five years of experience in facilitating and managing Circles. Before attending SOM, Becca was the Director of Finance and Business Operations at Stanford University's Women's Leadership Innovation Lab, which conducted the research that underpins the Yale SOM Women’s Circles program. In that role, she worked with several multinational corporations to successfully launch and maintain their Women’s Circles programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing topics for the Women's Circles initiative, we carefully considered both what leading research shows to be most effective and the needs and challenges that our alumni often face in their professional journeys. These topics are chosen to address key aspects of women's leadership, empowerment, and advancement across fields.

These topics are chosen to create a comprehensive and insightful series that addresses the multifaceted aspects of women's leadership, with the ultimate goal of empowering women to excel and create positive change in their careers and communities.

The Women's Circles initiative at Yale SOM has actively fostered an inclusive and supportive community for women in business and society since 2018. We have hosted a range of events from introductory dinners to leadership trainings, alumni-led Women’s Circles, full-day symposiums, and now our inaugural Symposium Series in NYC, a six-part series taking place over the course of 2023-24. Our alumni-led Women’s Circles in Boston & San Francisco have brought together over 160 alums while a recent Women’s Circles Symposium in Seattle, engaged over 40 alums for a full day of programming, impactful discussions, and connection with fellow alums in the Seattle area. The initiative aims to empower women to excel professionally, creating lasting positive impacts on their careers and the broader business landscape, while catalyzing personal growth for participants. For the most recent developments on the Women's Circles initiative and insights into our future plans, please feel free to contact us at

All Yale SOM alums are welcome to participate. Women's Circles warmly welcomes individuals of all identities, including all gender identities. Our goal is to create an inclusive and diverse community where everyone can engage in meaningful discussions, collaborate, and support one another in advancing gender equality and women's leadership. Your participation and perspective are valuable contributions to our shared mission.

We started our Women’s Circles initiative at the urging of our women alums to offer the alumni community professional development opportunities tailored towards women. We aimed to start an initiative that empowers our alumni with insights and tools that they can apply in work and life. We also set out to create a space that would allow for deeper connections across our alumni network. Finally, we aimed to launch an initiative that could serve our alums across diverse backgrounds both professionally and personally.

Our in-person Women’s Circles are launching around the world. Keep your eyes peeled to see if we will be coming to a city near you soon! If you are interested in seeing Women’s Circles in your city, would like to offer feedback, or suggest topics for discussion at future Women’s Circles events, please send us an email us at

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