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The SOMees: 2023 Student-Led Alumni Awards

The SOMees are student-led alumni awards that recognize alumni who have gone above and beyond to enrich the experience of current students at Yale School of Management.

The SOMees are a student-led award series that honors Yale School of Management alumni who have made an impact on current students. Recipients are nominated by, and subsequently voted on, by current students. This year, students across classes and degree programs recognized alumni who are actively promoting and living the Yale SOM mission, taking time to engage with students in meaningful ways, and paving the path for greater impact in business and society. The following alumni are this year's inaugural SOMee recipients.

Bob Davis 97

Bob is a founder and Managing Partner of Nebrodi Partners, a Connecticut based private equity firm, where he is responsible for evaluating, executing, and monitoring private equity investments in both companies and limited partnerships and is a lecturer in the practice of management at Yale SOM.

Here's what students had to say about Bob's impact:

Incredible professor of the Intro to Private Equity Class. Offers a tremendous amount of time to mentor students outside of class.

Teaches Intro to Private Equity elective course; very generous with his time in meeting with and mentoring students; always open to connecting with current students and generously opening his network.

Drew D'Alelio ’22

Here's what students had to say about Drew's impact:

Drew set me on what is currently my career path. He's one of the sharpest and most generous alums I've ever met. I've reached out to him countless times and have never once been disappointed by his response. Thank you, Drew!

Drew has done so many impact investing panels around campus that he has become famous. Just in the last month I saw him speak at three different events at SOM. I also know he has spoken with many students one-on-one and is always happy to do a coffee chat. Most importantly, he has tirelessly built from the ground up a pipeline between SOM and CT Innovations (CT's state venture capital arm based in New Haven). He has advocated for students to get existing internships and created new independent study positions to give us real world experience. He has done so much work building pathways for climate tech-oriented students and this would be a well-deserved recognition of that effort.

Justin Borgman ’11

Here's what students had to say about Justin's impact:

Justin helped create internship opportunities countless members of our class when tech recruiting felt hopeless.

Justin made internships in tech possible during a bleak period for tech recruiting.