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My Favorite Moments from the First Semester of the MAM Program

Evan Tao ’24, Mingliang Wang ’24, and Fay Wong ’24 share highlights from fall at SOM.

Evan Tao ’24

The courses in SOM are great, enabling me to go deeper and broader into the areas I am passionate about. During the first semester, I learned a lot about persuasion, influence, and interpersonal communications. The sciences, insights, and skills are highly applicable and powerful. Data analysis courses further improved my skills to obtain data-driven insights in a big data era. The SOM electives are also eye-opening and fun. The courses in digital technologies, healthcare, and the art market expanded my knowledge about these industries, with instructions on the industry dynamics and stakeholders. The guest speaker sessions with renowned industry leaders are quite insightful. Undoubtedly, I also learned a lot from the classmates and teammates in the courses.

Group of students in Student Commons at Evans Hall
Mingliang Wang ’24

Reflecting on my first semester at Yale, my involvement in the Global Leadership course stands out as both challenging and enlightening. Our project, aimed at improving mental wellness at Yale SOM, required us to engage deeply with complex issues like mental health stigma. The process was as rewarding as it was demanding; it pushed us to initiate a mental wellbeing campaign and organize mindfulness sessions, which have significantly increased student awareness of available resources. This experience has taught me the value of empathy, the importance of active listening, and the power of a team that works cohesively toward a common goal. It was particularly inspiring to see our booth energize the student community with positivity. This endeavor has not just been an academic exercise but also a journey of personal growth and team-building where I have learned to navigate and embrace diverse perspectives.

group of people inside ice hockey rink
people around breakfast table
Fay Wong ’24

During my first semester at Yale SOM, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with classmates hailing from various MBA programs and diverse backgrounds on exciting projects. Beyond academics, we fostered lasting relationships through participation in clubs and activities. My personal favorite was attending sports games with my peers, a rare and thrilling experience compared to my home country. Cheering for Yale at women’s volleyball and ice hockey matches, we enthusiastically chanted, “Let’s go, Bulldogs!” as a united team, creating cherished memories.

Another remarkable highlight was celebrating my birthday alongside two classmates who shared close birthdates. That evening, we marked our special day with fellow students representing a multitude of countries, including the U.S., Nigeria, Japan, Singapore, and China. As we shared insights into our respective cultures, including food, daily life, and family traditions, I gained a profound appreciation for our diverse backgrounds and unique life experiences. This birthday celebration stands out as the most exceptional and culturally enriching of my life. These experiences at Yale SOM have not only enriched my academic journey but have also woven a vibrant tapestry of lifelong friendships and cultural understanding.