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Meet the New Assistant Director of Admissions

Matthew LaSance brings his skills and experience as a college-level athletic coach to his new role.

Matthew LaSance coaching

Being asked to join the admissions team at the Yale School of Management was one of the most exciting moments in my professional career. An opportunity to engage with prospective and current students, alumni, staff, and faculty of all backgrounds at one of the most prestigious and historic universities is truly a dream come true, and I look forward to contributing to this legacy so many have helped create. I am very excited  to start traveling, recruiting, and interviewing potential candidates for our management master’s programs. Presenting and sharing information about what makes these programs unique and knowing I helped a student  take the first step toward achieving their personal and career goals is such an amazing part of this role.

A little background about me: I’ve been a resident of Connecticut for most of my life, growing up about 20 minutes from Evans Hall and the Yale campus. I completed my undergraduate degree and MBA, studying business while minoring in marketing and religious studies, and immediately entered higher education with the goal of making a difference and helping students. I began my career working in collegiate athletics, coaching both men’s and women’s volleyball in Connecticut and on the West Coast in California. Helping student athletes develop and become their best self and being able to travel the country, experiencing so many new places and adventures, was transformative and really helped me realize that my career was in higher education. 

When the pandemic hit and collegiate athletics was on hold, I took that pause as chance to try my hand at a new challenge and a new role. I took a position in admissions and haven’t looked back since. While my time as a coach was amazing, working in admissions excites me and allows me to make an impact with even more students. 

I have learned so much from my coaching and admissions experiences, from traveling across the country, and speaking and meeting with hundreds of youth athletes, students, alumni, faculty, and staff. These experiences have opened me up to a whole new world of thoughts, ideas, and tools that will help me support the students and community at SOM and Yale University and educate future leaders for business and society. Go Bulldogs!

Matthew LaSance
Management Master’s Programs