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MAM Class of 2024

Meet the MAM Class of 2024

The Master of Advanced Management Admissions team shares details about the program’s newest students.

This year we welcome 49 students to the Master of Advanced Management (MAM) Class of 2024 at the Yale School of Management. Students in this year’s MAM class come from 27 MBA schools from around the world. Among the Class of 2024, 19 citizenships are represented, 35% of the students are women, and the average age is 31.

MAM students speak 23 languages, and 96% of students hold a passport outside of the U.S. Almost half of the class has obtained or is working toward an MBA in a country other than their home country, and the average years of work experience among the group is seven years.

MAM students spend a year at Yale curating their own curriculum, choosing from electives offered at Yale SOM and across the university. Students have the option to dive deep into a specific focus area of their choice or select a wide range of topics covered by Yale’s thousands of elective courses. In addition to electives, students will take one required course as a cohort in which they discuss some of the biggest global issues facing leaders today.

Students in the MAM Class of 2024 come from many different professions, with the top pre-MAM industries being financial services, consumer products, and consulting. In the class there are entrepreneurs, consultants, CFOs, managers, a first lieutenant in U.S. forces, and vice presidents at top companies. Some employers represented are McKinsey, IBM, Santander Bank, Kimberly-Clark, Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Co, Colgate, Adidas, PwC, Morgan Stanley, and many others.

The students come from a variety of academic backgrounds, with almost half of the class holding a degree in engineering. Students also hold degrees in mathematics, fashion technology, jazz and contemporary music, law, philosophy, IT, economics, commerce, and business. Students have graduated with first class honors, cum laude, and have been involved in honor societies. Five students are CFAs.

In addition to a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds, MAM students also boast a variety of interests and hobbies. A few students fly airplanes, many are certified scrum masters, and one is a certified scrum product owner. We have a self-defense miliary instructor, meditation trainer, paraglider, and a student who designed three iOS apps available in the app store. One student biked 700 miles alone across Kyrgyzstan, and another is in a rock band.

Many students have been mentors and volunteer teachers to low-income children in their home countries. Others have volunteered with children affected by drug violence and refugees, and another mentored girls in her village in Senegal.

We also have many enthusiasts for sports including soccer, badminton, swimming, squash, surfing, skiing, powerlifting, tennis, golf, and rowing. Many are runners and hikers; one student is a black belt in Karate Shotokai, and another is an advanced open water diver.

We are excited to welcome this talented group of students to the MAM Class of 2024 as they begin their journey at Yale SOM!