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Yale SOM Japan Alumnus of the Quarter | Toshiki Migihashi '93

"Alumnus of The Quarter" is a Yale SOM Japan Alumni Chapter program aiming to encourage mutual learning and deepen engagement among the Yale SOM alumni by recognizing and highlighting one alumnus/alumna to the members of the home chapter on a quarterly basis.


Toshiki Migihashi '93

I had worked for several financial institutions including ORIX, Lehman Brothers, Royal Bank of Scotland, etc. until 2004. The early 2000s post the dotcom bubble was a profitable period for securitization professionals like myself, as there were abundant supplies of non-performing assets from many Japanese financial institutions at attractive prices. Into my early 40s, I unexpectedly got hospitalized for several weeks, leading to a career change from climbing the corporate ladder in a Japanese firm to pursuing something new in non-Japanese companies. In May 2012, I bid my farewell to the life of a paid worker, as planned. In January 2013, I started a new chapter becoming the owner of a nursing care facility operator in my hometown Hirakata-city, where my family has run a medical clinic since 1972. Meanwhile, to quench my thirst for further knowledge, I studied and earned a Ph.D. degree in Management Engineering in 2021 from my alma mater Waseda University. My doctoral thesis was composed of some quantitative analysis with regard to the evolution of J-REIT market, with a special focus on healthcare properties.

Most valuable lesson learned at SOM

Time management skills to gather and sort out a great deal of inputs under constraints to reach the simplest but the most persuasive outcomes: They have helped me not only with my career as a business person but also with my researches for earning a Ph.D. degree in my late 50s.

Great leadership means …

The great enthusiasm and deep accountability to inspire and grow others.

Favorite place on the Yale campus

The Caulkins Courtyard! I loved to watch tiny squirrels jumping up and down from a twig to other trees there. Thursday evening with free beer in the courtyard was particularly a nice moment of relaxation. Although SOM students are no longer at the old campus, the lovely moments that many SOMers had enjoyed there cannot be easily forgotten!

One life wisdom to share

Don’t just dream: Inspire! Don’t just imagine: Create! Don’t just believe: Achieve!