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Yale SOM Japan Alumnus of the Quarter 2022Q4 | Ryo Hagiwara '03

"Alumnus of The Quarter" is a Yale SOM Japan Alumni Chapter program aiming to encourage mutual learning and deepen engagement among the Yale SOM alumni by recognizing and highlighting one alumnus/alumna to the members of the home chapter on a quarterly basis.

Ryo Hagiwara '05

Ryo Hagiwara '03

I matriculated at the Yale School of Management after completing two engineering projects, i.e. the Mobil Jurong Lube Oil Project in Singapore and the RasGas Ras Laffan LNG Onshore Project in Qatar, as a manager. I still have a vivid memory of taking the Financial Accounting class taught by Professor Rick Antle in the morning on September 11, 2001. I learned a whole lot about the business acumen and skills as well as peace and life as my MBA education coincided with the 911 catastrophe. Upon graduation, I returned to Japan and started to work for TE Connectivity, an American (Swiss-domiciled) company that designs and manufactures connectors and sensors for automotive, industrial equipment, and data communication systems. I enjoyed a fulfilling career change from the plant engineering to the electronics industry. At TE, I have rotated through several roles from a Financial Controller (six years) for Automotive Japan to Project Management of new and existing products (seven years) and projects of new plant building in Japan and in China. Recently, I have transitioned to the role of Inclusion and Diversity Advocate and Compliance Liaison to help disseminate ethical, compliance and the I&D culture at the office environment. Outside of work, I have fun playing golf with my friends, going for swims, visiting various Onsen sites in Japan, and traveling to Hawaii.

Most valuable lesson learned at SOM

I truly value the magnitude of my exposure to the SOM environment with such a diverse student body. The cohort system worked so well to foster a team spirit and help others succeed.

Great leadership means …

When I was still studying at SOM, I once considered to work for Enron, one of the world’s largest renewable developers and operators for solar and wind. Soon after that, the CEO and CFO were pleaded guilty for facilitating Enron’s corrupt business practices. Since then, I have become convinced that great leadership must start with INTEGRITY..

Favorite place on the Yale campus

I definitely love the Mory’s restaurant - not only for the good food but also about the experience of the somehow unique Yale tradition.

One life wisdom to share

It is never too late to learn! I became a US CPA (Certified Public Accountant) in my 40s and a CDP (Certified Diversity Professional) in my 50s.