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MAM Class of 2023

Meet the MAM Class of 2023

Associate Director of Admissions Kate Navarro shares details about the newest students in Yale SOM’s Master of Advanced Management program.

This year we welcome 53 students to the Master of Advanced Management Class of 2023 at the Yale School of Management. Students hail from 22 MBA schools from around the world. In 2022 we opened the MAM program to all graduates of international MBA programs, including those outside of the Global Network for Advanced Management. We see some new schools represented in the Class of 2023, bringing students from IESE, IIM-Indore, INSEAD, Cambridge Judge, LSE, and University of Manchester together with students from schools in the Global Network. Among the Class of 2023, 25 citizenships are represented, 38% of the students are women, and the average age is 31.

MAM students speak 23 languages, and 98% students hold a passport outside of the U.S. More than half of the class has obtained or is working toward an MBA in a country other than their home country, and the average years of work experience among the group is six years.

MAM students spend a year at Yale curating their own curricula, choosing from electives offered at Yale SOM and across the university. Students have the option to dive deep into a specific focus area of their choice or select a wide range of topics covered by Yale’s thousands of elective courses. In addition to electives, students will take two required classes as a cohort; one where students discuss some of the biggest global issues facing leaders today, and the other focusing on leadership development.

Students in the MAM Class of 2023 come from many different professions. There are entrepreneurs, consultants, an attorney, a COO at an energy company, managers, and vice presidents in corporate strategy at top companies.

One student is a faculty member in management control systems at Tecnológico de Monterrey, and another is a director at an art gallery in Hong Kong. There is a CSO of a cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions provider in Thailand and a strategy director for a domestic violence institute in Australia.

Students hold degrees in botany, mass media, art history, and law, and one has a PhD in economics. Many have business degrees, while 10 students have engineering degrees, three students are CPAs, and six students are CFAs.

In addition to a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds, MAM students also boast a variety of interests and hobbies. One student is a vocalist of a rock band with a published album, and another is a documentary filmmaker. One student is a licensed skipper, while another is an avid DIY-er with expertise in home decor, electrical work, plumbing, home audio and IT system building. Many students have been mentors and volunteer teachers to low-income children in their home countries.

We also have many sports enthusiasts in soccer, netball, tennis, squash, bouldering, judo, running, hiking, golf, figure skating, and swimming (one winning an award in long-distance swimming in Turkey).

We are excited to welcome this diverse and talented group of students to the MAM Class of 2023 as they begin their journey at Yale SOM.