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The Master’s Degree in Asset Management program will train the future generation of asset managers to find data-driven solutions to real-world problems while maintaining high ethical and moral standards in the exercise of their fiduciary responsibility.

Course of Study

Students will receive training in all aspects of asset management, including investment theory, factor investing, and risk management, with a core focus on forward-looking quantitative methods and new technologies emerging in the fast-developing field. The program is a full-time, one-year course of study leading to a Master of Management Studies degree. The course schedule will include offerings in the evenings and on Fridays to make the program accessible to working professionals.

Proposed Course Schedule*

Students will take a variety of required fundamental subjects and elective courses. They will also participate in the Colloquium in Asset Management, which will bring leading finance executives, investors, and asset management practitioners to campus for frank discussions about the industry.

This is an example of what a journey through the Master’s Degree in Asset Management could look like:

Curriculum diagram

*courses subject to change

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Curriculum Topics

  • Applying financial theory in practice
  • Implementing real-world portfolios
  • Managing alternative asset classes
  • Managing hedge funds, institutional investment, and endowments
  • Navigating legal and compliance issues
  • Exercising fiduciary responsibility
  • Managing risk

Osman Nalbantoglu

Co-Head of Investment Engine, Bridgewater Associates

The Master’s in Asset Management Program is a natural extension of Yale SOM’s investment and finance offerings. Their world class faculty has collaborated with accomplished alumni in the field to develop a highly tailored yet extensive curriculum in order to provide students with a thorough understanding of the asset management industry. As an alumnus of Yale and a practitioner in the field, I’m thrilled to see the SOM continue to stay on the cutting edge of academic offerings.

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