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The Yale SOM Master’s in Asset Management program seeks early-career candidates with a strong interest in investment analysis and valuation, asset allocation, portfolio construction, performance measurement, and fiduciary ethics. Graduates will receive a STEM-eligible Master of Management Studies degree and will be prepared to take full-time roles in a variety of financial management positions, from hedge funds to investment analysis to philanthropic portfolio management.

Ready to start your asset management career? 

* Mid-career professionals with experience in the investment industry may want to consider the MBA for Executives focus area in asset management to step up their leadership abilities and industry expertise. 

Admissions Criteria

The Master’s in Asset Management is ideal for those coming direct from undergraduate study, recent graduates, and early-career candidates. The Admissions Committee will evaluate candidates based on:

  • Academic preparedness, with a particular lens of assessing your quantitative preparedness,  
  • Your professional impact and potential, as demonstrated through your work experience, extracurricular involvement and personal interests, and  
  • Your desire to make an impact in the field of asset management immediately after graduating from the program and beyond. 

Each element of your application aids the admissions committee in our assessment of one or more of these dimensions.  And we look at them holistically to pull the information we need, given each of your own unique academic histories, professional experience, and personal backgrounds.  What this means is that there is no one ideal candidate profile for the AM program, but rather, students can come from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds and find success within this program. 

It’s important to remember that this program is targeted towards early career professionals – which really refers to being early in your asset management career, whether you’re coming directly from your undergraduate experience or have been working in another field and looking to make a pivot.  This means we expect to see a range in terms of quantity and depth of professional experience, as well as the distance from your academic studies.  As part of the holistic admissions process, we’ll rely more heavily on your academic experiences and perhaps internships or research experiences if you are a current senior or recent graduate.  If you have more professional experience, we’ll incorporate that depth of experience into our review process.  We’re evaluating based on the same overall criteria, but meeting you where you are, based on where you are in your trajectory and what you bring to the table. 


Yale is proud of its strong commitment to equal opportunity and accessibility to all candidates from any part of the world who show great academic and personal promise. We extend our holistic application review to all students without regard to citizenship or immigration status. 

DACAmented and UnDACAMented, Yale Office of International Students & Scholars