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Michelle Shao ’23

Michelle Shao ’23

Master’s in Asset Management

Vice President, Lalia Capital

I believe in continuous learning, both professionally and personally. With the rapid pace of change in asset management, I was attracted to the asset management program because it offers structured exposure to cutting-edge approaches. I believe there is no substitute for a solid foundation in the principles of asset management, learned directly from researchers and practitioners at the heart of this research. In addition, my classmates represent diverse perspectives and backgrounds that contribute to a richer learning environment, and I’m excited to stay in touch after the program as we all progress in our lives and careers.

The rigorous analytical approaches in the core curriculum provide tools to become a more thoughtful and responsible investor. We learn to parse through the “noisy” data points and estimates in financial markets and develop methods that improve upon prior approaches and advance our understanding of assets and markets. For example, I can use aspects of quantitative methods from public markets to analyze a family office’s private investments portfolio in a new way. I’m eager to apply these learnings in my career. 

Yale is fantastic at offering the whole university to its students. I’ve always enjoyed exploring a range of subjects, because connecting the dots across disciplines can be invaluable. I’ve attended discussions and lunches with alumni from a variety of fields, from journalism to entertainment to healthcare to endowment management.